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Katrina Crane

From my POV it is pretty clear that Katrina is losing the battle for Ichabods Love and I’m not automaticly rooting for Ichabbie now. Just put all the things together she’ve done so far or better said what she have NOT done and contrast it with Ichabods attitude. Ichabod was a warrior, a man of loyalty of faith and honesty and Katrina is pretty much the opposite of all of this. I don’t say she did any of this with the purpose of evil but that doesn’t change the fact that she lied to him about the most significant things. She didn’t tell him about her powers, nor the baby nor her plans to keep him alive. She has basically taken away EVERY important choice from him. On the top of all this she faked a letter that releases Ichabod from any obligation towards his former promised wife Mary. In this case the end DOESN’T justify the means because it’s not supernatural thing it’s a simple HUMAN thing - TRUST in which she absolutely failed. Now she have to deal with Ichabod losing his trust in her and she can’t blame anyone for that. Not Abraham, nor Henry or anyone else it was HER choice - ALWAYS.


I really hope that Rumple was right about Hook and there is still some of the old ruthless Pirate in him b/c they way Captain Swan changed two former amazingly interesting characters is TOO MUCH!!!

I mean seriously Hook gave up his Ship, he would even get rid of all those edges that makes him the cool pirate he was…the clothes, the hook….how much more can you change a character into another boring lovesick puppy?? NO THANKS!!

Oh and Emma: She really doesn’t need to wear a dress to be considered as the beautiful woman she is. There’s no need to let her look like a freakin DOLL!!!

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