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Weakness of the Witnesses (Sleepy Hollow thoughts)

As we’ve heard so far there will be some serious trust issues between Ichabod and Abbie this season and meanwhile I can see where this might come from.

As good and noble as Ichabod’s intentions might be to rescue his wife over and over again it didn’t work out well so far to reconcile both of his duties as witness AND husband. The end-result: Jenny, who is for sure equally important to Abbie than Katrina for Ichabod, is in Jail, Katrina is still sepparated from Ichabod and the sacrifice was basically for nothing. So here we have Ichabod’s greatest weakness: KATRINA.

Abbie said it perfectly in the last episode: Her trust in Ichabod is her greatest weakness. Even if she doubt some of Ichabod’s decisions she follows him and hold on to this trust. But what if this spy-game that Katrina planned don’t work out? Henry isn’t stupid he might exactly having her where he wanted her to; as mouthpiece to misguide the witnesses eventually. Ichabod would trust her with the Informations like Abbie trusts him….and the circle for the fall of the witnesses has begun unless one of them break the bond to reconsider the trustworthy of their sources.

Well at least this is what i think ;)

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